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Thank you for visiting our freshwater and saltwater fishing site. Our site is loaded with some fantastic tips on how to catch both freshwater and saltwater fish game fish species. Our fishing techniques can also be applied fishing at night. We have many night fishing tips that every fisherman can use if they are planning or considering a night fishing trip. Visit our state listing page to get all the latest tips and reports for your area.

Also check out our freshwater and saltwater species fish habitat and fishing techniques and tips pages for your favorite game fish. Our freshwater fish species include:catfish, walleye, crappie, perch, bass, trout, muskie and many more too come! Our saltwater fish species include: Cobia, Flounder, Sea Bass, Tuna, Red Snapper, Mackerel and many more to come! We have fish cooking recipes, and a great page about filleting fish.

Don't forget to visit our fishing article pages written by fishing enthusiasts, sports columinists, and myself Mark Fleagle. Read about muskie strategies, Crappie fishing basics,Catfish fishing basics, and summer perch fishing. Please feel free to book mark our site because we will be adding more more great saltwater and freshwater fishing information.

Note: all the fish listed below become extremely active when you use a combination fishing techniques such as chumming and submerged lighting. These techniques are discussed in detail on the individual fish species web pages. Also it's a proven fact that bigger fish in both freshwater and saltwater game fish species are caught at night.

This Is a picture Me Mark Fleagle I Am The Site Owner 12lb Channel Catfish Caught August 26 2009 On Lake St. Marys Ohio

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